Recorded in March of 2022, this is the first volume of my project Society.

Society Terms and Conditions tries to portray what you sign up to when trying to be an active member of society, focusing on the issues. It’s comes from personal experience but I am sure you can relate.

Adaptive Hate explores the idea of adapting to society and hating who is said to be bad while justifying ourselves as good. A pointless battle that changes everyday just to be accepted socially and show clearly that you are on the “right side”.

Dissociation conveys that feeling when you see the world acting in a way that feels unreal, totally different to you and you feel out of sync.

Destructive Interference shows why many debates or fights are useless and end up in nothing, just because people don’t ever agree, they just fight and leave the world worse. Many times none of both is right and it’s completely pointless.

Labelled represents how it feels to be labelled into something you are not but you “seem like that” and how other people “fight” for you in a misrepresented oversimplified scenario.

Musically, there is a big change from my usual creative process. I learned sound design with my synth (KORG minilogue xd, subtractive analog synthesis + FM), I added a drum machine, I went back to play my bass and guitar, I learnt about effects, I applied more masterization techniques, more Ableton tools and improved my recording setup removing all ground loops and noise.

It is still based on improvisation but with a predefined well documented underlying concept.

Anyways, I hope you like it :)